Gonzalo Castro

Wedding videographer in Barcelona

We will make the best documentary film of your wedding to remember forever

Wedding videographer in Barcelona

We create natural, spontaneous, elegant wedding movies, documenting your history to give you the best memory that you will be able to see day after day for the rest of your lives. We work with film cameras, lighting equipment and technicians who provide us with the best visual result in the industry. But this is not the most important thing, it will be to understand them, know them and translate a film that identifies them into images.

First of all, we saw that the videos they make are “movie” style. At first we discarded all those who did not record the audio, since it is very ugly to record someone speaking and not hear them. When we talked with Gonzalo about what idea we had of our video, he understood it perfectly and the result is just right. A video with jumps in the chronology of the day so that it does not become monotonous, with a common thread and a lot of quality in the shots. On the wedding day, 2 technicians are in charge of recording, so no moment will be left on the air. And also, for us the best, it is not noticeable that they are working, they go completely unnoticed and they adapt to all the moments of a full day like this. I would definitely hire him for any event that comes our way!

Jordi M


Working with the Brainstorming films team has been a real pleasure both in the professional field and in the personal treatment that Gonzalo and his team have given us.
From the first moment they have been flexible and open to listening to our preferences. However, we trust them and don’t set guidelines for them, with a fantastic end result. Best of all: – On the wedding day (we got married on July 19), you hardly even realize that they are working (it is hard to understand that they get such good plans without disturbing the least!). – They have a very fast trailer and video delivery time, which is really appreciated given the excitement and recentness of the day – Once the video is delivered, they are open to finish adjusting the music, the plans you want, etc., to make sure they deliver something you love 200% (likewise, they can put the music on you and do the montage in a certain way if you ask). My recommendation is that you let yourself be surprised, you will not regret it. – And as I said, with a great personal treatment that makes you feel very comfortable. We are going to miss them! Carla and Jaume

Carle i Jaume


A different wedding movie

If you are looking for the typical 1 hour wedding video, we really can’t help you. Each film we deliver is different, has its own personalization, does not follow a chronological order, nor are they images with background music. Everything has a meaning and a why, the montage of the film begins to be made from the moment we meet them, because there we identify what type of video we will deliver. We work both audio and video. separately to offer the highest quality, and also in 4K format so that you get a memory that will last over time.

Incredible and highly recommended, they knew how to capture what we wanted in a wedding video to perfection, and they fully adapted to what we wanted. During the wedding they go incredibly unnoticed. I don’t know how they do it, since they capture every moment and you don’t notice the presence of cameras.
Guys incredibly happy with the result, we are delighted with our video

Celia B


Gonzalo Castro | Wedding videographer

I studied film and television, and despite having worked in the advertising industry for years, I never called attention to myself. My inclination is towards the documentary, the real, trying to tell the abstract in images, what you see and feel in people. Dedicating myself to recording weddings implies that, doing something outside the “system” to create a story that each time I edit, is different from the previous ones.

I have to say that both the treatment and the way of working has been very professional. Gonzalo was aware of every moment so that nothing was missing and as for the video, it has completely exceeded my expectations. (They were already tall, because I saw some of his work). As for value for money, great. There is for everything.

Tamara B


I work in the world of fashion and I know many cameras and I have to say that I have loved bw films. They are different from anything I had seen, an unbeatable professional and human quality. On the wedding day I was delighted with her work, but now that I have seen “our wedding movie” I could not be happier. I would repeat with them without a doubt. I recommend it to you!Guys incredibly happy with the result, we are delighted with our video

Laura Xicola


They made the wedding video for us here. And I totally recommend these professionals. On the wedding day, there were three technicians, super attentive and super professional at all times. The boss always ready to satisfy us in everything. The video was perfect and they delivered it to us super fast.
I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a beautiful wedding video. If I were to remarry, which I don’t think, I would do it again with them without hesitation.

Ramsés M


The video of our wedding is fantastic. The truth is that I never would have imagined that everything would turn out so perfect. The boys are professionals and they do very good jobs and many respect all your ideas and they also contribute some very good ones. I’ve seen our video a ton of times and I get excited every time I watch it. I highly recommend it and I promise you that you will not regret it.



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